Dec 10, 2016

In the last post I mentioned how I was going to do some core strengthening exercises (essentially Pilates), to try to cure my hip problem. It has been going really well – until today. Each morning during the week I did the exercises prior to my run. This morning, however, I didn’t. I went out for my run without doing the exercises and soon found the ache came back – and in a big way.

In a lot of pain, I soon recalled someone telling me that when your core becomes lazy, it’s important to re-engage those muscles by retraining the brain – sort of a ‘use it or lose it’ situation. So I stopped and did a very quick and basic set of exercises on the ground. I noticed an immediate improvement, though it wasn’t a total cure.

Anyhow, I feel I learned a lot today. I’m still quite positive about the whole thing, even if today’s experience was negative in itself. I’ll keep you informed of progress. I need to make sure my core is completely engaged every time I run. It may take a little bit of time.

I think I may have posted this photo from the world run in Argentina before. Even if I have, it does illustrate the flateness and straightness of the Pampas.