Dec 11, 2019

I didn’t feel up to a long time trial on Monday, so I just ran 3 x 100 metres at the end of a medium length run (17 sec, 17 sec, 16 sec). As I’ve mentioned before, I was considerably faster than that when I was ten years old, but I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about the slow down.

Having finished the South American leg of the world run by this stage in 2012, prior to restarting in Europe in January, I thought I’d post a few of the more unusual photos from the run so far. Below you can see a wooden spike that pierced my shoe and embedded itself in my foot, pinning the shoe to my foot. There’s also a photo of me clearing the highway of vehicle debris (probably from a previous accident), another of a typical lunch of lentils and peas, and a final photo of what my feet looked like at the end of each day.