Dec 12, 2016

This morning I did my core strengthening exercises first, then a 15 km run at a good pace with some gentle speed work thrown in, and my hip didn’t even utter a whimper. It was as if it was totally cured. I don’t believe I’m completely over the problem, but at least I’m well on the way to a cure.

For the record, the “gentle speed work” consisted of 300 metres in 68 seconds and 1 km in 4 minutes – nothing ¬†even remotely close to earth-shattering, but it’s a start. I did have fun, and my lungs weren’t stressed at all. That’s a positive. The negative is that I’m now 5 kg heavier than when I did the 12 hour run in August. But I’ll lose it soon enough.

Here’s another photo from the world run on the Pampas of Argentina. I did a lot of running on the dirt or grass shoulders of this road.