Dec 12, 2017

I’m undertaking a more traditional approach now to curing my Achilles issues, and it appears to be working. I’m not sure what the term is for the exercises, but if it’s successful, I’ll be sure to describe it in more detail.

I still have the underlying pelvic/hamstring problem (which I’m sure is the cause of the Achilles injury) but I won’t be seeing about that until January 23. That’s the first date I could get to see the specialist who deals with that region of the body. I saw her back in 2011 when I had a similar issue, and she cured it immediately (after six months where I’d visited numerous other specialists to no avail). I feel I can wait for that one, but I certainly hope to be free of any Achilles problems well before then.

Today’s photos are a bit different. One of my most favourite states during my 12,000 km spent running in the US was New Mexico. Here are the signs I encountered when I entered and left the state (both from and into Colorado). If anyone is contemplating a road trip across the US, I recommend you spend some time in New Mexico, and be sure to visit Sante Fe.