Dec 13, 2014

I’m now well into the review of the copyedit process for the book. It’s all about ensuring consistency of style with the spelling and how one represents dates, distances, measurements, and stuff like that. And, surprisingly, it’s more time consuming than I realised. All the same, I’m enjoying the task.

Kevin Carr has had a huge week. He even ran 73 km yesterday. His big days are requiring a lot of night running, so I hope he stays safe. At the moment he’s running on an old rail trail and loving it (he sent me an email from the trail). I always enjoyed my time on those sort of trails too.

I’ve had a big week of my own. I’m already up to 110 km for the week, though I think I’ll have an easy day tomorrow. And I’d have to say the Achilles has had its best week since August. The Anzac Ultra in April is looking more likely by the day.