Dec 14, 2017

I made the mistake of doing a lot of walking these past two days in my black leather formal shoes (meetings in the city etc). The result is a bit of a relapse with the Achilles. I should know better but thought I could get away with it. It seems I’m getting away with less and less these days. I’ll have to be especially careful of pitfalls like that.

Although I won’t be doing much running of the next few days, what I do will be down the coast on the Shoalhaven River. Grace gets married there on Saturday, so running will be taking a back seat for a couple of days, even if I didn’t have an Achilles issue.

Keeping with the New Mexico theme from the last post, here’s a photo from that state. This was taken near the small town of Cuba, in the north west of the state. There wasn’t too much traffic on the road and the shoulder was very wide, so it was fairly ideal for running.