Dec 15, 2013

I’ve had an interesting week. On Tuesday I spoke at my old high school’s presentation night. It was good to be back there in familiar territory, and the crowd seemed very intrigued by the story of my run.

Since then I’ve caught up with Ironbark and Jeff, along with Quinny and Diesel, up at Palm Beach. Then on Friday I played in the Tour de Bois Annual Golf Invitational. I am a poor golfer, but I managed a birdie on a par 4 hole (after a 270 metre drive), as well as a par on another hole. The championship was won by Jimbo, who played splendidly in the difficult conditions.

So, not a whole lot of running this past week, but I have been active. I’ve decided to take it easy until the New Year, when I’ll start a more concerted training program ahead of the Oxfam 100 km event in which I’ll be participating in May.

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