Dec 16, 2015

I recently mentioned a race I’d like to do in the coming years – a six day stage race in the Simpson Desert, beginning and ending at the legendary outback town of Birdsville. Well, yesterday I heard about another new race that will be held at exactly the same time, during the June/July school holidays period.

The race involves running seven marathons in seven days in the seven seven states of Australia (well, one of them is a territory rather than a state). It’s a variation on the World Marathon Challenge, which involves running seven marathons on the seven continents in seven days. It’s another race I’d like to do one day, but it’s also one that’s, understandably, quite expensive. I’ll have to start saving. Anyhow, I already have something on the drawing board for that time next year, which will include some running in remote regions.

I’m also in talks about a¬†potential new running challenge in the future¬†– something really big. I’m not at liberty to divulge this just yet and it’s definitely not a certainty, but I’ll be sure to tell you all about it, should it come to fruition.

The photo below was taken by Carmel in the Glamis Dunes in south-eastern California, not far from the Mexican border. Many may recognise it as the image on the cover of my book about the world run. You could easily imagine I was running in the Sahara.


Day 62 Glamis- Blythe - 03691