Dec 18, 2017

I spent a great couple of days down the coast for Grace and Curtis’s wedding this past weekend. The wedding itself was fantastic and everyone appeared to thoroughly enjoy it. And I got to do a couple of very short runs in a bush setting.

Having spent minimal time running over the past few weeks, it has become obvious to me that running has a very positive effect on virtually every aspect of one’s life. I’ve found that not doing very much running has led to me feeling less energetic and less positive. And it hasn’t really led to me feeling more sprightly in my legs. It did feel fresher in the legs after about a week, which is typical of a taper for a race. But since then I’ve begun to feel sluggish and even sore, despite minimal running. It has reinforced to me that running, overall, is a good thing to do.

A month or so after I was running through New Mexico on my world run, I was in South Dakota on the prairies. This photo does justice to the landscape of that state. Long straight roads through undulating fields and crops was very typical of each day of running. It wasn’t hard running, but it did get a little monotonous at times.