Dec 2, 2019

Today’s time trial was actually more of a solid tempo run, done at 90-95 % effort. For a change, I decided to do 5 km, stopping the clock in 21:32 (4:28, 4:26, 4:19, 4:17; 4:02). As you can see, I steadily increased my pace throughout. The last time I ran 5 km, I did it in 17:43, but that was nearly five years ago and I was 5 kg lighter. And I was flat out on that occasion. Today was much more comfortable.

I was nearing the end of my run across South America around this time back in 2012. Below is a video from when I took a wrong road. It’s inevitable from time to time during a run around the world, and you simply have to go back and not count that bit of the distance. There are also some photos from the same time, one with a guy who helped us get into the hire car after Carmel locked the keys in. He used the age old method of pliers and a coat hanger. There’s also a photo from when I had a fall and took some skin off my palm. It actually hurt a lot more than it looks.