Dec 20, 2017

With the weather here in Sydney so hot and humid at the moment, it actually feels quite nice not doing my usual level of training. Then again, I’d prefer if I had more of a choice.

One thing I am hoping about during this enforced period of minimal running is that it completely freshens me up at the deepest level. Many experts advocate a month per year of rest, even without any running at all. I’ve even heard of Olympic runners following this regime. I never have myself, but I’m happy to try a version of it, which is why I’m quite relaxed about the current situation.

Tony Mangan continues to make good progress on his world walk. He is presently on the South Island of New Zealand, near the town of Timaru. He should make it to Christchurch within the next week. You can follow Tony on


The photo below shows me running with Andrew Sloan near the town of Palmerston, north of Dunedin, back in January, 2012.┬áTony Mangan passed along this exact road last week. In fact, he’s not too far north of this spot now. Andrew helped Carmel and me subsequently throughout the world run with communications (web site, videos etc). He recently had a bad bike crash and has been in hospital, but is making good progress with his recovery.