Dec 24, 2014

This morning’s run was easy and painless – but I have had another strange experience with the Achilles. Yesterday I awoke to the tendon being very sore. It was perfect when I went to bed. I was a bit worried, butĀ it didn’t hurt when I ran. It was sore again this morning but, similarly, did not hurt when I ran. I can only surmise that I’m doing something to it while I sleep, perhaps bumping it in some way. But as long as it doesn’t stop me running, I’m happy.

I mentioned the Anzac Ultra last post, including my intention to run the 145 km option in under 24 hours. This is just my personal goal. Participants actually have 48 hours to complete the 145 km. And there are two otherĀ options – 290 km (four day time limit) and 435 km (six day limit).

Kevin Carr continues to make up the deficit, and is now just 1,108 km behind where I was at the same stage. He has 5,706 km to run in 108 days in order to set a new world record. I reckon he’s pretty much on track to do it.