Dec 25, 2017

Happy Christmas Day to everyone. It has started well for me, with a pain free  8 km run – I  didn’t feel the Achilles at all, although my calf was a little tight. I’ll have to be careful about that. I’m now looking to up the distance over the coming week so I can launch into the New Year with gusto.

In recent times I’ve tried to run at least 5,000 km per year. If I’m to do that this year, I’ll need to run another 79 km in the final six days of the year. That could be pushing it. Let’s see how I feel over the coming week. One thing I did notice the other day – I’ve run almost exactly 48,000 km over the past six years. The 8,000 km average was obviously helped by running around the world. It’s also a lot more than my long term average over the past 35 years (which is closer to 4,500 km).

Keeping with the them from the last post, here is a photo of an old building in Oamaru, NZ. I mentioned the well preserved architecture last time, which you can observe here. Grace and Curtis will be touring NZ for their honeymoon in the coming weeks, and I’m hoping they will drop in and see Oamaru as part of that tour.