Dec 27, 2014

I had a good andĀ fast run this morning, but I have been a bit worried these past few days. The Achilles was really aching on Christmas Day, even a little during my run that day, but it was great this morning. Having absolutely no idea why I woke up with it sore on the 23rd, I’m at least pleased the issue is settling down quickly now.

I’ve submitted my manuscript modifications to the publisher, based on the review (a somewhat technical process), so there is very little now for me to do prior to the book’s release date on June 29. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

Kevin Carr had a day off for Christmas. He needed it for reasons other than a rest – to wash clothes that had been wet for days from rain, and to Skype relatives etc. He’s back on the road today and has 5,639 km still to run in 105 days to claim the world record.

We’re on the road today ourselves, but in a car, heading down south for a bit. The next few blog posts will be from more unusual locations. Catch you then.