Dec 28, 2017

I had an interesting experience related to running the other day. Those who’ve read my book  may recall a section where I described a run I did on a dirt road near the small village of Woolgarlo, on the Burrinjuck Dam, when I was twelve years old. This was my first solo point-to-point run in the countryside, and something of a precursor to my run around the world. However, I haven’t been back on that road since – a 44 year absence.

Well, on Boxing Day I visited Woolgarlo again for the first time since 1973. And what do you think I did to “celebrate”. I ran a small section of the same road again – of course. It certainly brought back memories.

I’m otherwise making good progress with my Achilles. I hope to almost be back to normal by the New Year.

Today’s photo is from the Andes, taken a little over five years ago. It’s one place I’d really like to run again, particularly if the road over the top is “in season” and not covered with snow.