Dec 3, 2016

I had a very good run yesterday at a decent pace, with virtually no evidence of the hip injury being there at all. Today was similar, except that the hip is now sore after running, but wasn’t during. That’s happened before too, and it’s fine by the next morning. Overall, it’s coming along very nicely – and I’ll end up covering at least 100 km this week too.

I’m starting to get quite enthusiastic about my running program for next year, with the aim of being injury free and ready to really get into it come the New Year. I’ve also added an extra race to my schedule. Now it looks like I’ll be running a 32 km race on King Island in early March, the Oxfam 100 km event in early April, the Sutherland Relay for Life Marathon in early May, and (if things go well) the Great Red Run, a six day stage race in the Simpson Desert in late June. I will also be cycling in France and Italy throughout late July and all of August. It should be a very eventful year.

Here’s a photo of me approaching a state border check in Argentina. I think this was the border between Sun Luis state and Cordoba state, just near the town of Justo Daract. It was just a few kilometres after this point where I stepped on a skewer which went right through my shoe, into my foot, and then snapped off, pinning my foot to my shoe. I had to pull it out with my fingers, which was a very difficult thing to do.




On This Day


Dec 3, 2012

Distance today = 49.74 km; Total distance = 15,324.28 km; Location = San Andres de Giles, Argentina (13 km east of) – 34 30.379′ S, 59 20.108′ W; Start time = 0818, Finish time = 1623


Well, I spoke too soon! As I left town this morning, the paved shoulder immediately disappeared. It was back to grass and dirt. However, heavy overnight rain had turned the dirt into a sticky surface of mud.

If I wasn’t lifting my knees high to run through the long grass, I was slipping and sliding in the mud, ending up with it caked on my shoes. The shoes were often three or four times their normal weight, until I scraped the mud off.

And then I had a fall. I was enjoying a brief moment on the road, and was twisting to the right to look over my shoulder, when I tripped on something. This meant I came down with all my weight on my out-stretched left hand. I felt two things – the skin being scraped off my hand, and the force of the fall being transferred up to my shoulder and collarbone. I quickly rolled off the road to avoid on-coming cars.

I thought I had broken the collarbone, but it turned out to be OK. I did lose a bit of bark from my hand, though. My shoulder is sore, but I’ll survive.

Although it didn’t return to being paved, the road shoulder (there are a lot of shoulders in this story) did improve to fine gravel. This helped, but the day got progressively more humid. I even had to take my shirt off – the first time since the heat of the US summer. By the end of the day, I was very hot and sweaty. But I’m now less than 100 km from Buenos Aires.

Carmel is compensating for the lack of photo opportunities by doing a lot of walking during the day. I reckon she is averaging nearly 10 km per day lately. Pretty impressive!