Dec 31, 2016

It’s five years today since I began my run around the world. That time has gone very fast. In fact, only one-third of that time was spent running around the world. The other two-thirds has elapsed since I finished. I’d definitely like to do it again one day, just like Tony Mangan and Jesper Olsen.

Yesterday I bought a new Garmin Forerunner 735XT running watch. Overall it’s a great product, though I do have some gripes. One is a real fault – the elevation measurement seriously lacks accuracy and, hence, all the elements that depend on this, such as cumulative ascent, lack accuracy too. This watch just uses GPS for measuring the vertical component in real time, and GPS is known to be deficient in that regard (an in-built barometric altimeter is much more accurate).

The other gripe is more a personal issue – the watch is just so damned complicated to get to know. I think I’ve sort of mastered it now, but don’t think you can just buy one and have it operating the way you want in a few minutes. It takes several hours to get things right. Maybe it’s just me – after all, I only have a lowly PhD in mathematics, so I guess I can’t be expected to master something as complicated as a running watch. Seriously, though, Garmin should simplify the operations, or provide a comprehensive user-friendly instruction manual. Th instruction manual provided is woeful.

Enough of the complaints. Enjoy your NYE and I hope everyone has an enjoyable 2017. I know I have high expectations for the upcoming year, especially in terms of my running. I’m ready to launch into a scaled up training program, so keep watching this space for updates.

OK, just to finish the year, this is the last photo of ‘skinny me’ I’m going to post. While I won’t get this light in 2017, I do hope to be somewhere closer to this weight than I am to my current weight. It will definitely help my racing.