Dec 31, 2019

Late yesterday I began to feel a sharp pain in my left ITB, about 15 cm below the ball of my femur. It was aching all through night, which worried my no end. This morning it was still sore, but I decided to attempt a run. I was a bit slow at first, but after 500 metres I was running freely. Once I stopped, the pain came back a little, but it seems a lot better than it was. I have no idea what caused it, but at least I know I can run.

Anyhow, happy New Year to everyone. Don’t forget to follow all those world runners/walkers out there at the moment – Tony¬† Mangan and Tom Fremantle (both walking), and Marie Leautey (aka Lootie) and Dustin Johnson, who are both running. Tomorrow Dustin begins his attempt to run further than anyone else has ever done without stopping – more than 400 miles from Stuttgart to Berlin. Be sure to follow that amazing challenge.