Dec 5, 2014

I’ve been very busy the past few days in Melbourne with my role on the Advisory Committee for the Australian Wave Energy Atlas Project. Not a lot of running, but I have managed some each day.

I have discovered something quite interesting about the Achilles injury. It was feeling great yesterday, but I walked 6 km late in the afternoon (to Annie and Michael’s – many may recall Michael acted as support crew during the world run across the Nullabor and in western Victoria when Carmel was away for several days). Anyhow, the walk made the tendon sore. I’m not sure yet if it’s the walking action or the fact that the shoes had no heel lift. The good thing is, it felt very good when I ran this morning. It’s possible that previous relapses may have been for similar reasons. One wouldn’t intuitively suspect walking as the culprit. It’s something I’m going to watch out for in the future.

Actually, last night I had dinner with Annie, Michael, Guen, and Jeff. They all played a big part across the Nullabor during my world run, with Michael and Jeff accompaying us all the way in Jeff’s caravan. It was good to catch up. And we’ll be seeing them again at the end of the month.

Kevin Carr is now in La Crosse in Wisconsin, on the Mississippi. He is very near the home of Diane and George, where we stayed for three nights in 2012. The region brings back very good memories.


On This Day


Dec 5, 2012

Distance today = 43.15 km; Total distance = 15,414.07 km; Location = Buenos Aires, Argentina – 34 27.800′ S, 58 29.779′ W; Start time = 1003, Finish time = 1744


I reached the South Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires today, finishing my South American leg. Another continent I’ve now run across!!!

I am going to make this short tonight. We are guests of Mauro and his family, who we met a couple of weeks ago in central Argentina, and I don’t want to be anti-social.

Tune in tomorrow for a full account of today’s run, and the plans ahead.