Dec 7, 2013

Just a quick update on recent activities: as mentioned in the last post, the World Runners Club was officially launched last Sunday and the reaction has been encouraging. Not that anyone has registered an attempt at a world run yet, but I’m sure it will happen.

My left heel has been giving me a bit of trouble lately. It’s the same thing I had last summer when I had a break from the world run. It’s caused by wearing loose fitting shoes and thongs (flip-flops). Last year it was cured by going back to running 50 km per day. This time I might just have to wear my running shoes all day instead.

I am making good progress with my book about the world run. I guess I have about 20% of it written so far, but they have been the more difficult chapters. It should get easier now. Hopefully all readers of this blog will be keen to read the book when it comes out, though that won’t be until at least a few months into next year.