Feb 12, 2013

Distance today = 58.31 km; Total distance = 16,407.61 km; Location = Canalejas de Penafiel – 41 31.249′ N, 04 06.948′ W; Start time = 0909, Finish time = 1840


My biggest day since April 23 last year. I wasn’t intending to run over 58 km, but we had a mix up with the maps at the end of the day, so I just kept going until I found Carmel and the car, and we did the 10 km commute to our accommodation.

The weather cleared up quite a bit, but it was still very cold at times. The snow is not melting quickly.

The terrain was flatter in general, but there were a lot of plateaus, with farming land being plowed ahead of the spring sowing. As always, there were many quaint little Spanish villages that I ran through. Every town seems to have several very old buildings that are falling down. And there were ruins along the way. It’s hard to estimate how long ago these structures were built – it could be a thousand years or more in some cases. After all, there have been buildings in these parts since before the Romans.

I’m a bit tired from the day, and behind schedule, so I’ll keep it short tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how I pull up tomorrow.

PS The tracker continues to lag my actual position. My position gets sent every five minutes, but it only appears to be posted to the web site once per day (perhaps more, but I only get to see the end of day position, which always seems to be lagging where I am).