Feb 13, 2012

Distance today = 47.99 km; Total distance = 1970.95 km; Location = 3 km north of San Gregorio – 37 21.041′ N, 122 23.510′ W; Start time = 0949, Finish time = 1654
It really felt like winter today. The morning was particularly cold, although nowhere near snowing. The Pacific was far from pacified, and I should know – I ran beside it for much of the day. The coastline here is spectacular; a lot like the region south of Stanwell Park, but a lot more extensive.
I made it close to the town of San Gregorio before the girls picked me up. It was a good day considering the conditions. I have to admit, my quads are more sore than I expected. I suspect it’s because, after a four day rest, I have probably run faster than I have over the past month. This has resulted in me using muscles that have atrophied somewhat in recent times. I’ll adjust pretty soon.
The girls found a great little B&B for tonight in the town of Pescadero, owned by Peggy. Apparently the town used to be a long weekend destination in days gone by for San Franciscans who were willing to brave the “day long stage coach ride”. It has a lot of history, as well as a very interesting cultural diversity even now.
Tomorrow I head toward Santa Cruz.
PS Today I reached the town of Linda Mar, where I noticed my GPS watch was turned off. I suspect this was because of the rain, although I can’t be sure. Luckily, when this happens, the Garmin data clearly shows where it turned off and on again (it normally updates every few seconds, and a gap shows up as a long straight line on the map track. This allows me to use Google Earth to determine the real distance). Today the missing data amounted to 3.49 km, which I have added back in.