Feb 13, 2014

I had an ultrasound on my heel this morning. I won’t know the results until the experts analyse the images, but I’m hopeful it will elicit an answer to the puzzle. I’d expect to know the verdict some time early next week.

Today I’m heading out into the NSW countryside for a two and a half day cycling tour with some of the Tour de Bois guys. It will be a lazy 200 km or so, but very hilly. I need the exercise,¬† as I haven’t been¬†getting much due to the heel.

In regard to the book, I am close the 50,000 words now. As I mentioned, I think it will run to at least 60,000 words and probably more. My aim is to have it to the publishers by the middle of next month.

Two years ago I had just started my run across North America from San Francisco. It was a lot of fun running in California. One year ago I had just passed through Segovia, with its massive 2,000 year old aqueduct. Where will I be next year?

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