Feb 15, 2012

Distance today = 50.93 km; Total distance = 2075.85 km; Location = 6 km south of Watsonville – 36 51.058′ N, 121 46.279′ W; Start time = 0853, Finish time = 1645
An absolutely glorious Californian winter’s day – just perfect for running. I passed through the town/city of Santa Cruz early in the day, and spent some time in an interview with the local paper, and on the road with their photographer, John.
Other than that, the day consisted of pleasant, if uneventful, running – other than one small incident. I noted on the map the intersection where the road I was on met the highway. When I reached that point, I discovered my road actually led under the highway. Not to worry – I thought I’d clamber up the embankment and join the highway. I didn’t count on the slope being covered in brambles and small thorns. I now have multiple scratches on my legs.
The pity was that, on reaching the highway, I found myself on a bridge full of speeding traffic, with about six inches between the cars and the concrete wall for me to run. Adventurous as I am, that was too narrow even for me. So, I had to then descend through the brambles again, suffering further scratches. Just one of the myriad minor issues one encounters on a run around the world.
Tomorrow I will report on the much anticipated arrival of Carmel in Carmel.
I’d like to finish with a big thank you to Teachers Health Fund  in Australia, who have very kindly provided our travel insurance for the trip. Very much appreciated.