Feb 17, 2012

Distance today = 46.88 km; Total distance = 2173.31 km; Location = Big Sur – 36 14.459′ N, 121 46.677′ W; Start time = 0946, Finish time = 1615


As diverse as yesterday was, today was somewhat the opposite. I had a late start, due to sleeping in. This is a good thing, as extra sleep is more valuable to me right now than a few extra kilometres.

Once I got on the road, I lost mobile phone reception within a few Ks and didn’t get it back all day. I spent the next 42 kms without any communication, ability to update the tracker, or additional food or drinks. It was a huge stretch to cover “in the dark”, and the lack of phone contact made it difficult to coordinate with the support crew. Luckily we had put a contingency plan in place prior to my departure, and I was picked up with almost 47 km under my belt – pretty close to what I wanted to run today.

A big fog rolled in while I was running the coastal road, making it difficult to fully appreciate the spectacular views, but I certainly got the gist.  I particularly liked the Big Sur forest – quite beautiful. The sun was out by the time I made it there. This is where I will start running tomorrow.

Anyhow, sorry about the lack of tracking ability at the moment. The tracker probably shows me just out of Carmel when, in fact, I’m just the other side of Big Sur. Maybe I might get some reception at some point over the coming days, but the region is very isolated and it could be a while before the tracker gets back to normal.

There is also the possibility we may end up staying somewhere without phone reception or internet. If so, then we’ll be “blacked out” and I’ll be unable to write the blog. Fingers crossed this won’t occur.

Accommodation in Big Sur was beyond the budget, so we’re back in Carmel for the night. We could certainly do a lot worse.