Feb 26, 2014

I’ve had a initial visit to a specialist physiotherapist, and will be having another on Friday. The goods news is that it’s likely my Achilles can recover via a course of eccentric exercises, though the cure won’t be immediate. I have begun this treatment already and, it goes without saying (even though I am about to say it anyway), I will be diligent in following this course of action. I am still hoping of making it to the starting line of the Oxfam 100 km Trailwalker event in Melbourne on May 2. Friday’s visit will entail further analysis and perhaps more specific exercises.

I am going to post the link to Carmel’s photo book each blog, at least for a while. Just click on the book to turn each page. It’s definitely worth a look. Here it is:


Two years ago today I was running on the Ventura Highway in California. One year ago today I was running in heavy snow east of Tarbes in France. Remember, you can always go back and read the blog from any day of the world run. Just click on Blog, choose the most current entry, then change the date in the address line at the top to the desired date. Simple!