Feb 28, 2012

Distance today = 51.62 km; Total distance = 2704.01 km; Location = Hollywood – 34 04.562′ N, 118 21.868′ W; Start time = 0858, Finish time = 1646


I was somewhat dreading today, as running into a city as huge as Los Angeles is traditionally considered a necessary evil, including by me.

But I had a great day. Starting in Malibu, I ran along the Pacific Coastal Highway, before reaching the long strip of beach that runs from the north down past the airport. I ran along the beach path for many Ks, past the Santa Monica Pier (a classic old style pier, complete with an amusement park that includes a roller coaster), and then past Venice Beach. What a unique place that is, with everything from the talented to the alternative, to the just plain weird. I recommend it as a stop for anyone visiting LA.

I turned inland just before LA International Airport (is there are song in that?) and headed up to our hotel in Hollywood, past many well-known streets, such as Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard. We’re about to head out for dinner – stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

PS I am struggling to find anything much to eat during the day here in the US other than burgers. I can get a burger just about anywhere, but rarely anything else. I may be the first person ever to run 50+ km per day for months and actually put on weight.