Feb 28, 2022

Snow is high on the agenda of today’s memories of the world run. I was in the south-west of France and the heavy dump of the previous two days resulted in what you will see in the video and photos from that time. It was quite pleasant really, particularly because there wasn’t any appreciable wind.

My run this morning was a little different to usual. I’m currently on King Island for work, and the quiet rural run I did was a far cry from the city running I would usually be doing on a Monday morning. A nice change.



Feb 26, 2013


Distance today = 50.92 km; Total distance = 17,107.38 km; Location = Thermes-Magnoac – 43 17.762′ N, 00 35.156′ E; Start time = 0855, Finish time = 1706


A very hilly day, with almost a thousand metres of climbing, but it was made easier by the “winter wonderland” condition of the landscape. For much of the day, there was a full blanket of white, with powder snow constantly falling from the branches of the trees.

The day was one of minor mountain passes, punctuated by valley floors. The topography in this region seems to consist of a series of parallel ridges, and I was running across them. There were very few towns of any significance, and no shops along the way until I reached the 43 km mark late in the day.

A few people have commented on the temperature readings from the Garmin device. I guess with the snow these past days, it’s natural to have a look to see what the low temp for the day was. The problem is that the Garmin device I’m using is designed to be mounted in a bracket on the handlebars of a bicycle. In this position, it can take accurate temperature readings. However, I’m holding it tightly in my palm as I run, which means it picks up the warmth from my hand. Therefore, the reading is always higher than the true air temperature (unless the air temp is greater than the 37 C of my body, in which case it is lower). You can also often see the temperature spike up if I have lunch in the car (or go down on a hot day due to the air conditioning). So, unfortunately, the Garmin temperature data on the link is not really very useful. Sorry about that. Everything else is, though.

Finally, happy birthday to all those celebrating it on the 27th in Australia – Ellen, Krystle, Lily, Debbie M, and anyone else I may have forgotten – oh, and Rob de Castella, of course.

Feb 27, 2013


Distance today = 51.47 km; Total distance = 17,158.85 km; Location = St Elix le Chateau – 43 16.725′ N, 01 08.219′ E; Start time = 0829, Finish time = 1650


It was a stunningly beautiful start to the day – a crisp and clear morning, with mist rising everywhere from the evaporating frost. You’ll see what I mean when you check out today’s photos.

The first half of the day entailed a lot of hills like yesterday, but the afternoon was mainly flat through a valley. It was a very quiet road, which I appreciated greatly – pretty close to a perfect day for running.

I finished in the town of St Elix le Chateau, where there happens to be an old chateau (surprise!). I was expecting to have to commute some distance to the nearest accommodation, but Carmel saw a sign indicating a local chambre d’hote. So, we’ve ended up in a wonderful old French farmhouse, full of antique furniture and original trimmings. It makes for a nice change from a hotel room. A lovely French couple are our hosts, and I can smell dinner cooking already – mmmmmmm!!!!


Feb 28, 2013


Distance today = 52.57 km; Total distance = 17,211.42 km; Location = Nailloux – 43 22.117′ N, 01 40.095′ E; Start time = 0857, Finish time = 1711


We had a great experience last night, enjoying dinner with our French hosts, Michele and Patrice. They have a great gite, L’Enclos, and we thoroughly relished the traditional French dinner they provided, as well as their company. Despite the language issues, we were still able to communicate pretty effectively, even if some of it involved writing on paper.

It was a quiet but productive day on the road, as I made my way east across France. I spent much of the day on roads I cycled with Dave 18 months ago. I even ran past a kebab shop where we had lunch back in 2011. It was quite hilly, but I didn’t really feel troubled at all.

The past two days, Carmel has found street markets in French towns, and hasn’t been able to resist the paella. Consequently, we’ve had paella for lunch on consecutive days. The guy she bought from yesterday was in today’s town market. He must have been pleased to see her, as he gave her a huge serving of delicious paella for free. It even had yabbies in it – well, the French equivalent, at least.

I finished the day just out of the town of Nailloux. My official position is about 3 km to the east of where the tracker is showing me.