Feb 4, 2013

Distance today = 53.70 km; Total distance = 16,000.27 km; Location = Oropesa – 39 55.188′ N, 05 10.509′ W; Start time = 0859, Finish time = 1741


The weather has been kind to me this past week. Crisp, still mornings, and pleasantly warm afternoons. Today was more of the same.

I set out fairly early, at 9 am. This may not sound that early, but considering it doesn’t get light in Spain during winter until 8 am, I feel I’m doing OK.

I ran by the nuclear power plant, and on through the large town of Navalmoral. It was then that the service road, which parallels the freeway, turned to gravel. It was a pretty good road, but my feet didn’t appreciate the surface for the next 30 km. I have a few stone bruises on my left foot, due to the thin-soled shoes I wear.

All afternoon I had a great view on my left side. There were snow-capped mountains in the background, and green fields peppered with yellow wild flowers in the foreground. The crystal clear day made it all the more vivid.

I finished in the hill-top village of Oropesa. As I ran into town, I saw an old man calling his herd of about forty sheep in for the day, without the use of a sheep dog – and they obeyed him. Now there’s a good shepherd.

We are staying in a fantastic castle, with a huge room that has an amazing view out over the valley and up to the mountains. I have just witnessed the sunset from the balcony as I was downloading my data for the day. You must check out the photos of the place.

Just as I was ascending the hill to the castle, I passed the 16,000 km mark for the journey so far. What a great way to celebrate my arrival at our castle accommodation. I think it calls for a nice bottle of red!!!