Feb 7, 2013

Distance today = 31.68 km; Total distance = 16,141.61 km; Location = Bargas – 39 56.812′ N, 04 01.230′ W; Start time = 0902, Finish time = 1332


With a very cold westerly wind blowing, I decided to keep the day short, commuting back to Toledo for the night. It will give me an additional opportunity to experience this wonderful city.

The running was fairly uneventful, with the only drama being my cap – it kept blowing off, sometimes rolling down the road for some distance. I essentially meandered my way through the Toledo Valley, finishing up on a plateau at the town of Bargas.

I am not sure what’s wrong with the tracker. It seems to only update once per day. At the moment it places me about 7 km east of my actual position. If it doesn’t correct itself, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do about it. At least it gives an approximate position.