Jan 1, 2019

I’ve kicked the new year off in style with a 32 km run. It’s the furthest I’ve run in the past five months. The Achilles felt fine so I saw no reason to make it short. Hopefully I won’t suffer any repercussions from such a relatively long run. If not, then maybe I’m in for a good year of running.

Today’s photos are from my time in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, more than six years ago now. But there’s also one from this day seven years ago, as I headed off from Chook’s place in Queenstown NZ to start my run around the world (after my short prologue from the Opera House in Sydney the day before). When this photo was taken I had another 1,894 km in front of me in New Zealand, and a whopping 26,216 km in front of me before I made it back to the Opera House 621 days later.