Jan 10, 2015

My legs had a little less zip in them this morning after yesterday’s faster run. As mentioned, a 19:45 lap of Centennial Park is certainly not fast, but any time one steps the pace up above what has become the usual running speed, there is always some muscle adjustment and a little soreness that ensues. That’s totally normal. All in all, though, it was a good sign that I’m ready to go longer and faster.

Kevin recently crossed paths with my world run course, in the north of the state of Mississippi. I clearly remember the spot, as there was a major road accident just down the highway the day I ran through the region. Kevin has had an excellent week, although he’s pretty tired at the moment. Very normal when you average over 60 km per day.

For those who like marathons, check out the World Marathon Challenge on www.worldmarathonchallenge.com. It involves running seven marathons on the seven different continents in seven days. The running is probably the easy part – the logistics and jet lag are even more formidable in my opinion. The event starts soon and the final marathon is here in Sydney in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to catch up with the organizer and maybe even run the final marathon.


On This Day


Jan 10, 2012

Distance today = 60.67 km; Total distance = 511.70 km; Location = Hook Junction, Waimate turnoff, NZ –  44 42.012′ S, 171 07.732′ E; Start time = 0851, Finish time = 1743.

I’ve now reached the Canterbury Plains, and the run was much flatter because of it. This was one of the reasons I had such a long day, although I don’t want to be doing 60 km every day.

I actually ran most of the day on back roads that paralleled the main road, with a lot of it on dirt. These roads were very, very quiet, almost to the point of being lonely. But I’d much prefer that to running on a busy highway.

I did have one dramatic  moment though. Google maps indicated a through-road, but I suddenly reached a “Road Ends” sign. It became clear that a road used to go over a small river, but it no longer did. I had two options – go back 4 km, in which case I would have run 8 km that I couldn’t count in my total, or wade across the small rapids. I chose the latter, and videoed it. The video should be uploaded soon, if it isn’t already.

We are staying tonight at another magnificent house in the countryside, courtesy of a lovely couple, Anne and Paul, and their daughter Bridgette. We are truly being spoilt by the amazing generosity we’re encountering on a daily basis. But we’re not complaining!