Jan 13, 2017

I continue to be pleased with my start to the year. I’m averaging over 18 km per day so far. I doubt I’ll maintain that level of distance all year, but it’s a good way to boost my stamina ahead of toning down the volume in favour of higher intensity as I approach the racing season.

I’m not at all convinced about the value of the heart rate monitor on my Garmin 735XT watch. I mentioned in the last post that the watch recorded my maximum heart rate at 177, despite me not being uncomfortable at all during that run. Yesterday I did a hill sprint session as hard as I could to see what my maximum could reach. It only registered 142 on the watch. Today I did a simple easy run and my heart rate maximum was recorded as 141 (average of 117). I can’t see any logic or consistency in these results. I’ll continue to monitor the effectiveness of the application and report on it.

This photo was taken as I approached the Californian town of San Luis Obispo. I quite enjoyed that town, with its high ratio of students. University towns are always very alive, with lots of interesting quirks. A little later in the day I saw the infamous dead skunk in the middle of the road. You may have seen photos of it in past publications.



On This Day


Jan 13, 2012

Distance today = 52.50 km; Total distance = 669.03 km; Location = Rakaia, NZ –  43 45.203′ S, 172 00.93′ E; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1706


A solid 52.5 km today, with a very windy afternoon. Remember to click on the link above to have a look at where I ran.

I stopped in Ashburton after 17 km to do a local media interview. We then got talking with the ladies in the information office, had something to eat and, before you know it, it was 12:30 pm by the time I left. It made for a long afternoon, almost entirely on back roads, but I’m not complaining.

I actually felt very good today. I reckon it was the great steak and veges meal that Libby cooked last night, washed down with a nice shiraz.

We have struck gold again tonight, staying at the lovely St Ita’s B&B in Rakaia. A big thank you to Miriam and Ken for putting us up for the night. The place is magnificent.

Tomorrow I head off to Christchurch, which I should reach in a single day. We’re hoping the tremors stay away for our visit. Fingers crossed.