Jan 14, 2018

Things are gradually getting back to normal, though it has been a difficult time. My mother’s funeral is on Wednesday. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied in various ways, including running. I’ve actually managed 220 km in the first two weeks of the year, which is not bad considering the circumstances, including the heat.

The Achilles problem is still hovering in the background, but I seem to be managing it. I’ll need to conquer it soon, as I have to start upping the intensity if I’m to perform to my expectations in the King Island 32 km race on March 11. It’s the 25th running of the event, so I’d like to do well.

Given the cold temperatures much of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing at the moment, I thought I’d post this photo from early 2013, when I was running through Germany during the world run. This is Carmel using a plastic plate to scrape snow and ice from the windscreen of the support vehicle. I had to wear a lot of clothes when I ran that day.