Jan 16, 2018

About a year before I began my world run, I was suffering from an ache in my right pelvic region, especially when I sat. I couldn’t feel it much when I ran, though it seemed to be creating weakness in my stride. After consulting nearly every conceivable expert over a period of more than six months, all to no avail, I finally was led to a specialist in pelvic issues. Within a couple of weeks, purely through some simple exercises, it was completely cured.

Well, I began to suffer the same issue around April of last year. It persevered till just before the Big Red Run in late June, and then reemerged in early October. I still have it now. I’m pretty convinced it’s what causing my Achilles problem (which, by the way, appears to be flaring up again). Thankfully, I have booked into see the same pelvic expert next Tuesday – I had to book two months ago and next week was the first available appointment, so good is she at what she does.

I’m hoping that I’ll be cured within a few weeks, perhaps a month. If so, I will be able to run strongly again, without the underlying weakness caused by some muscles not doing their job. It should also solve the Achilles problem. However, if I’m not seeing a rapid improvement after next week, I feel I’ll have no option but to cancel my intention to run the King Island race in early March. I don’t want to be doing a hilly 32 km with a bad leg.

So stay tuned for how that all pans out.

To finish, I’d like to mention an online coaching site for runners that looks pretty good. If you’re a runner, you are likely to gain a lot from this site – www.therunexperience.com. And here’s an example of the advice you get. This video is actually quite personal for me, as I ran on this exact path near the Golden Gate Bridge on the first day of my North American leg during the world run.