Jan 18, 2014

It’s been a different couple of days. I was tired of minimal physical activity due to my heel, so I decided to do a multi-day cycle ride in the countryside. Dave agreed to come with me (regular readers will remember Dave – he ran with me Hungary, and then ran an amazing 57 km with me in Victoria, just weeks before I finished in Sydney).

We started in Corrimal (northern suburbs of Wollongong) and rode up Macquarie Pass to Robertson, then finished the day in Kangaroo Valley. It was really hot all day, and in the valley the thermometer read 38C in the shade and 48C in the sun. Yesterday we rode over the mountain into Berry, then along the coast into a headwind to finish in Corrimal. The total was 184 km, which included 8,000 feet of climbing. It was a difficult two days for me, unfit as I am, but I was very pleased to be able to manage it without any dramas. I am thinking of doing more rides like this in the near future.

My heel is showing encouraging signs of getting better, but I won’t make any claims until I can run for an hour without any pain. I think the ride helped the heel, as it felt even better today.

PS Have a look at the ride data by clicking on the link below, and scroll down below the map to see the extreme vertical profile.