Jan 18, 2018

I’m really looking forward to this appointment I have with the hip and pelvic specialist next Tuesday. It will be the make or break as to whether I make it on to the starting line of the King Island race on March 11. When I run now, I feel fine for a short distance, then I can feel the muscles around my right pelvic region and glute tighten up. This causes a ripple-on effect down the leg, tightening up the lower calf, which then leads to my Achilles starting to ache. I’m pretty sure it all stems from the hip region, which would explain why the Achilles issue has been chronic. This appointment is going to be critical.

Below is an interesting graphic, created by Hims, related to health as you get older. It’s based on statistics specific to the US, but it’s pretty much the same across the world. Readers would do well to have a look, runners and non-runners alike.