Jan 25, 2019

I couldn’t blame readers for thinking that I’m injury prone, given the Achilles issues I’ve had over the past few years. But I was pretty much injury free for 30 years before that, including for the bulk of my run around the world. So what’s changed?

I think I can put it down to one thing – GPS watches that tell you your pace. I never had such a watch in years gone by. Now, however, I find it’s almost impossible to ignore the Average Pace option. In the past I would have simply slowed down when I felt tired, but now I find myself trying to improve my average pace during every run. I guess I’m just too competitive against myself for my own good.

The net result is the intensity of my runs has increased, especially toward the end when my muscles and tendons are fatigued. I reckon that’s a good candidate cause for my current predicament. Maybe I should deactivate the Average Pace option on my watch!

Here are some more photos from seven years ago today, this time from the lower part of the North Island of New Zealand. These were taken between the towns of Palmerston North and Taihape. As you can see, it’s lovely country to run through.