Jan 28, 2019

Tony Mangan is currently on the island of Cebu in the Philippines on his walk around the world. From there it’s back to China, then on to Japan. One of the great things about following someone’s progress on a run or walk around the world is that it improves one’s understanding of world geography. For example, by checking out Tony’s Spot tracker page on his web site, I now know exactly where Cebu is, and what shape it is (a long, skinny island).

I’ve also learned about so many other parts of the world in the same way. Even better, of course, is running or walking around the world yourself, but that’s not feasible for most people. Follow Tony on myworldwalk.com, click on the Spot tracker, then zoom in or out to learn more about where in the world Tony is. You can also follow Tony’s fellow world walker, Tom Fremantle, on tomsworldwalk.com.

Below are some photos from this day seven years ago, as I made my way north in New Zealand, past Mt Ruapehu and on to Lake Taupo. The third photo shows Carmel and Libby on the lake at ‘wine o’clock’ at the end of the running day. What a lovely place to relax.