Jan 3, 2015

I’m off to a flying start to 2015 as far as running isĀ concerned. I’ve covered more than 50 km in the first three days, without any sign at all of a problem. And some of it has been at a relatively fast pace too.

The most positive sign is the 17 km I did yesterday without heel lifts. I have been relying on the heel lifts for months now, allowing the Achilles to absorb less loading than it otherwise would have. But I knew that was a situation I’d eventually have to deviate from. The problem is, you can’t gradually reduce the size of the heel lifts – you either have them or you don’t. The sudden change can cause a spike in the load levels on the tendon which, asĀ I’ve already experienced, can cause a setback.

However, after yesterday’s fairly long run without heel lifts, the region is feeling perfect, without any soreness at all. Without wanting to jump the gun, it is certainly looking like I’m close to injury free. Hopefully I can soon stop talking about this annoying condition once and for all.

I am now starting to think about a structured training program for getting myself to the start line of the Anzac Ultra in reasonable condition. I have just over three months to do so.