Jan 3, 2016

Just an easy run yesterday after the 25 km on New Year’s Day, but this morning I ran another 20 km. The calf behaved itself, although I do get the occasional twinge and tightness. Probably just the muscle getting used to heavy activity again.

I hadn’t realised it, but just before Christmas I passed 12,000 days since I began logging my mileage back on Feb 14, 1983. I was looking over the spreadsheet I have these days for recording my mileage and noticed the fact that I’m now up to 12,011 days. During that time I’ve averaged 11.43 km per day, or a total of over 137,300 km.

Not sure if I’ve posted this photo before. I took it in Utah on approach to Monument Valley, just over the border with Arizona. It’s a must-see place if you happen to be in that part of the world.