Jan 31, 2019

Below are some photos from this time seven years ago, as I ran from Taupo to Rotorua in NZ. In fact, the first shows me starting my day in Taupo. The third photo is of a thermal pool near Rotorua, something the town is known for.

I was actually running on this day six years ago too, crossing over from Portugal into Spain. However, I’m having great difficulty accessing the photos from that time. If I can find them, I’ll start including those photos of my European leg as well.

But, something I do have access to is videos from the world run. I thought it might be of interest if I posted some of these in my blog. This one was taken by Carmel (while Jeff was driving) on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia. This was the most remote section of the whole world run. It shows you just how flat and treeless it is at this particular location. Bear with the download – it should only take 5 – 10 seconds, and the car pulls alongside me shortly into the clip. And enjoy the wonderfully appropriate Cat Stevens song too.