Jan 6, 2019

I’m definitely pleased with my start to the running year. Not only am I able to log good distances, but my pace has increased significantly too. Yesterday my final 3 km was run in a touch over 15 minutes, with a 4:43 being my fastest. Not fast in the grand scheme of things, but certainly an improvement on my recent pace.

Today is the first anniversary of my mother’s death, so I thought I’d repost the link to the song I recorded, which I wrote and sung at her funeral. You can listen to it here, but do so with earphones or a proper sound system. It sounds much better that way.

Finally, here are some photos from this day seven years ago, including one from a late afternoon party at Heidi and Derek’s in Dunedin. They had very kindly offered us accommodation at their place after hearing about the world run. The next night we stayed at their friends, Andrew and Sheree, a day’s run north of the city. Andrew is running with me in the second photo.