Jan 8, 2012

Distance today = 34.34 km; Total distance = 391.98km; Location = Palmerston-  45 29.097′ S, 170 42.96′ E; Start time = 0956, Finish time = 1509.

Had an easy day today. Normally 34.3 km would constitute a long day, but not on this odyssey. Funnily enough, I felt more tired than the previous few days. Maybe it’s catching up with me.

I’m very pleased with my first full week of mileage – 351 km. At this rate it will take a lot less than two years to complete the run but, to bastardise an old saying, “over-confidence comes before a fall”. So I’m not going to speak too soon.

Today was from Evansdale to Palmerston, and we are staying with Andrew and Cherie, friends of Heidi and Derek from last night. Once again, we’re very impressed with the generosity of the people of Otago.

Tomorrow I’ll be back into the longer distances.