Jan 9, 2018

I’ve driven over 1,000 km during the past two days and it’s left my Achilles quite sore. I had a similar experience a week and a half earlier when we drove down to the Mornington Peninsula, but we took four days to do the same drive and the Achilles seemed to handle that better. It was a little sore, but came good fairly quickly.

On the return journey, however, I noticed it giving me a bit of trouble yesterday morning after a 600 km drive the day before, but the additional 400 km yesterday has almost returned it to its old sore self. I can only hope that a couple of days without driving will allow it to return to normal.

Lots of photos today, all from this time seven years ago. At the time I was running in New Zealand, just over a week after starting my run around the world. For a change, today’s photos aren’t of me running. They’re of some of the people who offered us accommodation in their wonderful B&Bs, free of charge.

Below you can see Ann, Paul, and their daughter, Bridget, with their amazing home in the town of Hook, shown in the following photo. Below that is James and James in Oamaru. Their place, Pen y Bryn, is shown in the next photo, with our bedroom and bathroom featured below that. These were some of the great delights of running around the world – meeting fantastic people and experiencing a little bit of their lives.