Jul 11, 2012

Distance today = 53.48 km; Total distance = 9105.54 km; Location = Sheboygan – 43 45.276' N, 87 42.772' W; Start time = 0845 Finish time = 1733


A perfect day for running, with temps in the high 20s Celsius and a cool breeze. The Wisconsin countryside is also perfect for running. Rolling fields of corn, alfalfa, and wheat are interspersed between small clusters of forests and farm buildings. The barns are particularly noteworthy – large red structures in the tradition of Scandinavian barns.

I often think it would be great if I had a web cam strapped to my head, so that viewers of the web site can see exactly what I'm seeing as I run along. However, I think I'm probably five to ten years too early, as the data coverage at this point is far too sketchy to provide any adequate regular vision.

A journalist and photographers from the local Herald Times Reporter newspaper came out this morning and met me on the road to do an interview and take some photos. You'll see some of this in Carmel's photos from today.

Later I reached Lake Michigan and ran for a while along the shoreline. It's an enormous lake, and certainly one of the top few in the world based on surface area. I'll be running down the west coast of the lake for the next five days, until I reach Chicago.

I realised late in the afternoon that I was further from my finish for the day than I had anticipated, and I didn't have my spare Garmin with me. So I had to race in to town, which didn't help my ankle at all. Hopefully I won't have any issues with it tomorrow.