Jul 15, 2018

I had a wonderful run this morning, covering 8 km of the route I ran during my world runĀ  into the town of Clare in South Australia. The weather was perfect, just like it was on that day nearly five years ago. And yesterday I did a few kilometres of the world run route into Adelaide. I’ll be doing more of the same over the coming days, around Clare and Tanunda.

But, just before those runs I was making my way to Fowlers Bay on the world run, severalĀ  hundred kilometres to the west. Here are some photos from exactly five years ago today. The first is of Chook and me approaching Fowlers Bay. The second is just before the town, after Chook had called it a day. Finally, the third photo is of the snapper Jeff and Michael caught that same day. We had them for dinner, and I also had snapper burgers for lunch for the next few days – delicious.