Jul 16, 2012

Distance today = 52.52 km; Total distance = 9367.77 km; Location = Evergreen Park (Chicago) – 41 42.927' N, 87 42.490' W; Start time = 0842 Finish time = 1648


Another hot one, as I navigated myself across Chicago from north to south. This is one big city, and I spent the whole day running through suburbia, including 32 km on one straight street, Pulaski Road. It was 98F (37C) in the shade – far from ideal conditions for traversing a big city.

I have found that my average pace during these hot summer months has slowed quite noticeably, mainly due to all the short breaks I need to take for drinks, but also because of the right ankle. Consequently, it's taking me longer to get through the days.

I eventually arrived at Sissy and Bob's place in the south-western Chicago suburb of Evergreen Park, where I met Hannah for the first time since early February. Sissy and Bob, and their children, Bobby, Johnny, and Connor, along with cousin Kathryn, have been good friends of Hannah's since she visited the US in 2007. Amazingly, Sissy's mother, who was Australian, used to live in the very same street in Sydney as Carmel's mother. What a coincidence! The family are very kindly putting all three of us up for the next three nights.

Tomorrow I am having a rest day, as it is Carmel's birthday. I will do a very short “run around the block”, but it won't count towards the world run.

So I'll be having a day off from the blog too, but will be back on line on Wednesday. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to a bit of a rest!!!!!

PS It was great to hear about the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs' stirring victory over the forces of darkness (aka the Roosters) in last night's Monday Night Football. They are having their best season in many years, and it's especially satisfying to win the local derby.