Jul 18, 2012

Distance today = 34.95 km; Total distance = 9402.72 km; Location = Monee – 41 25.450′ N, 87 44.569′ W; Start time = 0921 Finish time = 1441


I only ran a relatively short day today, and commuted back to Sissy and Bob’s at Evergreen Park, as they are having a party. I’m looking forward to meeting their family and friends and, well ….., everyone knows how I love a party.

I spent yesterday productively. Besides being Carmel’s birthday (and she really enjoyed the day), I managed to acquire a new Garmin watch, so the link now includes the map and graphs again. Thanks to Jim and Bev at Running Excels Chicago for their help with this, including the free running singlet.

Hannah, Carmel, and I also attended a baseball game last night. We went to historic Wrigley Field to see the Chicago Cubs play the Miami Marlins. It was a packed house and quite an atmosphere.

Today was spent making my way out of the greater Chicago region to the south. It has taken me the equivalent of over two fulls days to cross the city from north to south, such is its size. I’m now heading toward my final “appointment” in the mid west – the meeting of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers just north of St Louis. I have quite an interest in the confluence of great rivers, ever since I visited Manaus, where the Amazon and Rio Negro meet. I’ve already run over both the Mississippi and Missouri already – now I want to see where they meet.

I’d better get ready for the party now. Sissy, Bob, and the boys have been fantastic and incredibly hospitable, and we’ve really enjoyed our time here. I’ll report on the party in tomorrow’s blog.