Jul 18, 2020

I ran a 5 km time trial on Thursday, managing a 21:19. I thought I might possibly have been able to go under 21 minutes, but I just didn’t have it on the day. Still, I recall doing a 5 km time trial when I was 21 years old, and pushing as hard as I could for a 19:35. So I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed to only be 1:44 slower some 38 years later. And I know I can go a fair bit faster if I drop a few kilograms. By the way, my personal best over 5 km is 16:34, which I achieved at the age of 26.

Today’s video from the world run is an interview I did with one of the Chicago TV stations on this day in 2012. The photos are from the northern suburbs of Chicago, as well as a couple from the eastern end of the Nullarbor Plain a year later. One is with Chook, while the other is with both Chook and Silvia.